Ugli Gripz are custom moldable grips that form to your hand and allow you to control any instrument- whether it is
a racing steering wheel, motorcycle handle bars, golf club, bicycle handle bars, hammer, or even a mop- with
greater precision, ease, and with far less fatigue. Ugli Gripz help each individual finger share a portion of the load
as opposed to relying on hand-grip strength alone. They also allow for a hand position that can be repeated
exactly, every time, which increases precision and will improve your game.
Ugli Gripz have been developed over the past few years as a solution to a problem I personally experienced in a
race car. After a period of time, my hands would get tired, fatigued, and ultimately I would be less precise in my
turn-in to the corners, and my lap times showed it. I made several prototypes before developing the current
patent-pending application process. The grips allowed for much less effort turning into a corner, and my lap times
were more consistent.

I then applied Ugli Gripz to my golf driver, softball bat, mountain bike, and motorcycle. It made everything better;
my swings were more accurate, and riding was definitely more comfortable. My wife, who has Rheumatoid
Arthritis (RA), asked me to install a grip set on her mop; she loved them! She said her hands hurt much less when
using the mop equipped with Ugli Gripz.

Ugli Gripz can be installed in about 30 minutes, without tools or the need for heating the grip material. They will
form perfectly to your hand and fingers, while remaining soft enough to reduce shock load. Once you install and
use Ugli Gripz, you will experience the same feeling others did when first trying them, "Why hasn't anyone
thought of this before?" If you grip it, turn it, swing it, push it, or steer it- you gotta get
Ugli Gripz!